Mini Drag Bikes
Nitro-50 Frame and Fork
Standard  Features Frame and Fork
Double frame rails
.090 1" Tubing
Double bearing Steering Stem
Heavy Duty Axle Hangers for 1" axle
1" Forks with 7/8" Drag Handle bar
Heavy Duty Motor Plate for Small Block
Wider Rear Loop
50" Wheel Base
2.5" Ground Clearance
Updated Frame and Fork
More Neck Rake
Slightly longer wheel base
15" Between Top and Bottom Frame Rails
For sales and technical
All Nitro Frames are built in the USA from quality materials
All Nitro mini drag frames are MIG welded for strength and
durability All Nitro drag frames are made with Domestic .090 Mild
steel tubing in our own jigs in Our SoCal Location
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Question   How wide of a rear tire and wheel can I run on the Nitro-50 or Nitro-44

Answer      We run a 11x710x5" slick  (8" wide) anything wider may not fit

Question     How tall is the rear tire     

Answer       About 10.5 inches tall

Question     What size is the rear axle

Answer        1" x 16"  with 1/4 key way

Question      Will a Big block Predator Motor fit this frame

Answer        A big block frame is offered in our store, The difference is the big block
motor has a different bolt pattern than the small block motors and will not interchange.