Predator 212 Throttle Hook-Up
VIEW  # 1  Gas Tank on right side air
cleaner on left side
VIEW  # 2  Location of Pivot Nut , Wire
Swivel , Cable Clamp
Pivot Nut
Cable Swivel
Cable Clamp
VIEW  # 3  Cable Clamped in Place,
Inter Trottle Wire Inserted into Swivel
1:  On the predator 212 motor you will need to loosen the pivot nut ( VIEW 2  ) slightly to allow throttle arm to move freely  us a 10MM socket. (Do not over loosen)
2:   Loosen cable clamp and insert throttle cable  as shown (
VIEW 3 )
3:   Insert cable into cable swivel as shown in  (
VIEW 3 ) With cable in the swivel slightly push throttle arm to the left then tighten swivel screw to secure the cable

You will have to adjust the throttle after you start the engine, to do this just loosen the cable clamp slightly and ether push the cable inward to slow the engine RPM or pull the cable to
increase the  RPM,  Tighten cable clamp after you are satisfied with the setting
This will help with the throttle hook-up after the throttle
control has been installed on to the handle bars
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Cable Clamp
Cable Swivel