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Our New billet tire balancing tool used to static balance go kart racing tires or any
other tire that vibrates at high speed. Get more life from those expensive tires
unbalanced tires wear out faster . Balancer comes with precision bearings,17mm 5/8"
and 3/4"  hub adapters, billet uprights and precision axle.  A 3 hole hub and stick on
lead weights are needed to use this tool  but are sold separately in our store  
Tire balancer comes with 17mm
5/8" and 3/4 hub adapters
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You can balance tires up to 12"
wide and 18" tall. Easy disassembly  
for storage in your tool box
Wheel weights for balancing, comes
in 1/4oz  increments, self bonding
Billet Front Hub 5/8"
Hub needed for tire balancer