Our totally new Barstool Racer we call the GT, not just a remake of our popular Pro Barstool racer but a
totally new design from the frame up. To start we shortened the wheel base, made 1-1/4 axle standard,
made the steering support removable then added bracing from the seat to the steering riser, installed
foot rest, We gave the motor area more room for installing the optional Tav drive system .
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New GT Barstool Racer
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1-1/4" Main Frame
Removable Steering Upright
Custom 3 legged stool
Disc Brake ( Manuel )
# 420 Chain
40 Tooth Sprocket
Racing Wheels
Rain Tires
Throttle Control with Cable
Brake Leaver with Cable
Spindles with 5/8" Axles
Tie Rods with Rod ends
1-1/4" Chrome Moly Rear Axle
Rear 1-1/4" Racing Aluminum Hubs
Front Racing Aluminum Hubs
Tie Rods
T Bar Steering
6.5hp Engine
10 Tooth
Wheel Base                           22"
Over all Leght                       32"
Max Width                             34"
Ground Clearance                 2.5"
Ground to Top of
Seat                                        27"
Available Options
Burris 5" Dirt Tires
Hydraulic Disc Brake
Tav Drive System
Powder Coating
Aluminum Foot rest Trim
Moto Cross Style Handlebars
Rear Bumper
GT standard with optional handle bars and
optional aluminum foot rest trim , tires are  5" rain
tires mounted on 5" Douglas aluminum wheels
GT standard with
420 sprocket and manual disc brake
GT Barstool Racer Complete with 6.5hp Engine and TAV System
Standard GT Barstool Racer Complete with 6.5hp Engine